Who is TS Bray?

Job Title: Director of Educational Technology, Cheongna Dalton School
EdTech Consultant 

Job Duties: Advocating for learning powered by technology.
Assisting teachers and students in the
effective and efficient use of technology in exploring, learning, collaborating, and communicating.

Writer: The Learning Coach, Gamification in the Teaching of the Scientific Method, iParenting: Parenting in a Mobile World

Musician: Thanks to the help of GarageBand

Co-Founder: Phoenix Student Film Festival

Presenter of:
2018, January, 21st Century Learning Hong Kong 10, Hong Kong Convention Center, Getting Google Certified
2017, December, Google AppsEvent, Chadwick International School, Student Portfolios with Google Sites and Tracking Student Discipline with Docs, Forms, and Sheets
2017, November, KORCOS, Chadwick International School, How will you get your next job? and Getting Google Certified
2017, March, 21st Century Learning Hong Kong, Hong Kong Convention Center, Bling My Blogger
2016, December, Google AppsEvent, Chadwick International School, Pimp Your Blogger, New Google Sites, and Google Classroom
2013, September, Google Summit, Seoul Foreign School, Presented Hacking Your Blogger, Blogging for Learning, PD, and Communication, and Organizing Your Google Home Folder
2013, May, Digital Education Show Asia, Malasyia, Presented Social Media in Education Case Study -- Korea International School
2012, October, KORCOS, Presented Fish Bowl PD Model: Teaching Them to Fish in the Fish Bowl, Schoology in the Classroom, and Edmodo in the Classroom
2012, March, KORCOS, Presented Personalizing PD for Administrators and Evernote in Educational with iPads
2011, November, Korea University, Presented Educational Technology in Universities with iPad
2011, March, KORCOS, Presented Google Docs and Apps for Teachers, Podcasting in the Classroom, and Developing a PLN through Blogging, Facebook, and/or Twitter
2011, February, 21st Century Learning Conference, Hong Kong, Presented Technology Integration Specialist: What? Why? How?
2010, November, KIS Tech PD Day, Presented Wikispaces for Beginners and Keynote 101
2010, August, Apple PD at Seoul International School, Presented Keynote in the Classroom?
2010, May, Apple PD at Seoul International School, Presented What is 1:1 Anyway?
2010, March, KORCOS, Presented Comic Life in the Classroom and Hosting a Successful Student Film Festival
2009, November, KIS Tech PD Day, Presented Student Reflections through Digital Media and Diigo and Social Bookmarking
2009, April Apple Leadership Summit, Presented 1:1 Education Lessons Learned: Korea International School
2008, October, KORCOS, Presented Podcasting and Vodcasting for Student Metacognition in the Writing Process
2008, October, KORCOS, Facilitated Technology in the Classroom Forum
2007, October, KIS Technology Conference, Presented Comic Life in the Classroom
2006, September, Saipan International School PD Workshop, Presented Using Simple Websites for Class
2000, March, Galena City Schools PD Workshop, Presented Teaching Writing: Structure & Style

MSE in Educational Leadership, Arkansas State University, 2013
M.Ed. in International Teaching, Framingham State University, 2006
BA in English Teaching with a Minor in History Teaching, University of Montana, 1996