Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Day in the Life of an Ed Tech Coach

People often ask me about my job. These conversations often go this way...

Random Colleague: Hi, Tim!
Me: Oh, hello.
Random Colleague: How was your day?
Me: Pretty busy. Ed Tech is really moving these days.
Random Colleague: Yeah, but you don't have classes, so it can't be that bad.

After several discussions like that I decided it was time to record a few examples of what a day in the life of an Ed Tech Coach looks like at Korea International School.

5:50-6:45 Get up, shave, shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, and clean the cat box.
6:55-7:15 Ride the bus to school.
7:15-7:20 Arrive on campus and get a cup of coffee from the Business Office.
7:20-8:00 Catch up on email and answer early morning emergency questions.
8:15-9:30 iMovie tutorial for one of our PE teachers.
9:39-10:39 iMovie lesson for the Korean class.
10:39-11:00 Check in at the office and find at least 20 emails waiting in my in box.
11:00-11:35 Film Makers' Club with the high school students.
11:40-12:15 Lunch (Answer random questions about computers and tech integration.)
12:15-12:30 Attack the email backlog.
12:35-1:15 Taught a Fish Bowl session about iPad 101: Seems Like First Time
1:20-2:10 Brainstorming with Art (@art_schultz) about a podcast for iPad tips and tricks for the faculty.
2:10-2:30 Typed up the ideas from the brainstorming session while Art taught a Fish Bowl session.
2:35-2:45 Wrote this blog post.
2:45-3:15 Provided trouble-shooting and answer technology related questions.
3:15-3:30 Try to rest a little and recover while attacking the email backlog.
3:45-4:45 Work out (This doesn't happen every day, but I was lucky today.)
4:45-5:00 Shower and get dressed for the ride home.
5:20-5:35 Ride the bus home.
5:40-9:00 Work on graduate courses, read, write, talk with my wife, go to bed.