Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Thanks @Twitter -- NOT! Officially Moving to Blogger in March.

Moving the Blog from Posterous to Blogger
Now that the guys at Twitter have decided to pull the plug on Posterous, I thought it was wise to announce something about where my blog will be moving in the very near future. As some of you know, I have been cross posting to my Blogger since last year when the Twitter purchased Posterous. I wanted to be like Rob Newberry (@robnewberry) and believe that everything was going to work out and that Twitter would see the amazing abilities and potential of Posterous... As we now know, that didn't happen for whatever reason. I'm over being upset and angry about it and ready to simply move on with my life. I enjoy Twitter far too much to continue being crabby over the Posterous situation, but the incredible short-sightedness of Twitter is simply ridiculous with regard to Posterous. Enough said. I will continue posting at Posterous up until March and then everything will move to Blogger. Bye, bye Posterous! It was a great run.

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