Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Reflector and Airplay -- Making It Work!

The Reflector app for the Macbook is a great tool for projecting your iPad on to a screen, but to be honest, the program is glitchy. I see two problems that always see to come up for teachers in the classroom, but there are two simply solutions that will fix the vast majority of the glitches you experience with Reflector.

The first problem I see commonly is that students aren't able to get their iPads to work on Reflector -- their iPads simply don't attach to the program or Airplay seems to mysteriously disappear as an option on their iPads. First solution: they need to restart their iPads! If you plan to have students project their work with Airplay and Reflector -- have them all restart their iPads at the beginning of the lesson. This will eliminate 95% of the issues. I promise!

The second problem I commonly see is teachers having their iPads drop off of Reflector in the middle of a lesson. This is due to having Auto-Lock turned on. Second solution: I have include a screen shot of how to adjust the settings. I recommend that when you are planning to use your iPad for a lesson that involves projecting through Reflector -- change your Auto-Lock to never.