Tuesday, January 14, 2014

New Year, New Job

Saipan International School
It is with great pleasure that I'm announcing that for SY2014-15 I will be returning to Saipan International School as the new Headmaster; Aysem will be working as a counselor and teacher. I still have five months at KIS and in EdTech, but I will be taking the reigns of the international school that Aysem and I worked with from 2003-07. It is an exciting opportunity for us to work with the learning community of SIS to move the school forward in teaching and learning. One of the first items of business -- Google Apps for Education turned on with our school domain. This is an important step to creating our brand, because it will provide students, faculty and staff with email addresses from our school domain -- official email for official school business; plus, access to the amazing tools of Google with our learning community. We will be traveling to Saipan in the beginning of May for a week to begin the transition process and planning for SY2014-15. This development also coincides with the 20th anniversary of the school, so we will be able to help celebrate this milestone with the entire community.

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