Wednesday, March 22, 2017

New Templates in Blogger!

New Blogger Templates! Woot! Woot! After several years of Blogger just sort of being the ignored step-child of Google, there have suddenly been a few updates. AMAZING! Thank you, Google! First was the update to the User Interface (UI) to make it more clean. It was a subtle, but very good update. I mentioned a few of those on this post. The new templates are a welcome improvement and I'm excited to see where Google takes Blogger next. Of course, as I
have mentioned in many posts about Blogger, one downside to some of the more tailored templates is that the HTML/JAVA script Gadget doesn't always work so well with them. The Simple templates take more modification/manipulation than the tailored templates. I'm hoping to experiment with the new templates during my spring break and see if they are able to deal with a large amount of Gadgets.

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