Tuesday, February 20, 2018

G4 Students Coding with CodeCombat.com

G4 students trying out coding with Codecombat.com. Everyone had fun, but it was interesting to observe the different levels of tolerance for ambiguity and frustration. Not to mention the difference in skill level -- wow! I had three out of the 16 students who simply could not work independently. Every level was an incredible challenge for these three students. The majority were fine on their own or with limited help from a buddy, but these three needed continuous one-on-one attention from me. There were another two that simply wanted validation for their choices, which I also found interesting. These two were up to the challenge, but wanted to be sure about the decisions and choices they were making with their coding. This was our second session of the year and two of the students had completed all of the levels, so I set them to helping and assisting others.

I find working with the elementary students has been one of the unexpected joys of my PreK-12 position. Most of my career has been in the secondary, but at KIS, SIS, and CDS I have had many opportunities to work closely with elementary teachers and their students and it has always been a joy.

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