Friday, March 30, 2012

App Review: Shot MeMo

Shot MeMo allows you to snap a photo of an item and automatically include time, date, and location on the photo...

But there is more! You can also add a note on the photo.

It is a very simply app to use; I can see many potential classroom and normal life uses.
For Science, students could record data in the field or snap photos of lab work. In Humanities, students could record information from field trips to use in presentations later. In World Languages or English, students could make visual dictionaries. For Math, students could take photos of the steps in solving a problem and the notes could document their understanding of the process. While out shopping, you could make notes on products and prices for comparing.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Processor Speed and the Golden RAM introduce The Eletric Prophet

[[posterous-content:pid___0]][[posterous-content:pid___1]][[posterous-content:pid___2]][[posterous-content:pid___3]][[posterous-content:pid___4]][[posterous-content:pid___5]][[posterous-content:pid___6]]This is a project the Ed Tech Team has been working on during the last couple of months on our weekends. It all started when Kevin Kvam came to our office and asked for some help compiling several short audio clips into a few larger ones so that he could burn them on a CD easily. As Ben (@bensummerton) started listening to the audio, he played a couple of clips for Steve (@stevekatz) and me. We were hooked! We started listening to them in the office when other people weren't around and then it happened -- lightening struck! An accident! Ben was working on compiling some of the audio files and happened to be listening to music at the same time -- magic! He brought the "song" to the office an shared with us and the next idea came -- we challenged ourselves to make a song each! But it didn't end there, as we returned to work on Mondays with our musical experiments from the weekend, we came to the conclusion that it should be shared with the world -- The Electric Prophet was born. Every year KIS has a music exchange, so we decided to complete some songs and include them in the music exchange. This week our CD went live in the music exchange; therefore, we are now free to share it with the world. Processor Speed and the Golden RAM introduce: The Electric Prophet.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring Break 2012: Thailand

Thailand 2012.m4v Watch on Posterous

I have started a habit of making a video from the iMovie trailers for every holiday as soon as I get back from a trip. It is a quick way to share some of the spirit of the adventure with family and friends and allows me more time to work on a longer movie. Everyone watches the short and gets the highlights and then later when the entire movie comes out they can see the added content, mostly still photos.

Friday, March 16, 2012

The Rumor is True -- Posterous is Going Bye Bye


I wanted to hope for the best when Twitter acquired Posterous, but when I received an email from informing me that I have a new account with them, because my Posterous domain is being moved -- the writing was truly on the wall. Posterous is (all to soon -- was) a great tool for blogging with students and teachers due to its ease and the ability to have multiple contributors. Posting from email was a nice feature, but now it is all coming to an end. Sad news for all of us who loved Posterous.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

67,000 Views -- Thanks PLN!


Sorry, but I couldn't help but celebrate this achievement. Thank you to everyone in my PLN -- without you this would have never been possible. Hopefully Twitter will see the value in Posterous and keep it rolling for the future. I don't want to give in to the Chicken Little Syndrome just yet, but I have started a Blogger where I have started cross posting my posts -- just in case!

More Photos of the House in Turkey

Updates about the house in Turkey. It is great that our builder is cool about sending photos of recent changes to the project. Things are going a little slower than he projected due to the weather, but it is moving forward and Aysem (@aysem_bray) and I are getting pretty excited about it.