Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Director of International Programs at Westview Cambodian International School

Those that have followed my blog are aware that during the last year I have been floundering for inspiration. It has been a long journey to rediscover the passion and drive that I initially had when I started blogging. I would say that I'm still not back to that level yet, but I have found my passion for education again. I won't get into the personal/professional situations that led to me coming to Westview Cambodian International School (those are stories best left for face-to-face discussions), but I'm very happy to be here. Although I miss many of the conveniences of Korea, I'm really happy in Cambodia. I'm enjoying the exploring and discovering that comes with living in a new and completely unfamiliar place. The job his exciting, because I'm helping to build a high school program once again. We have up to G10 this year, so it will be another couple of years before we have graduates. There are the challenges of a small and growing school, but I'm enjoying setting policy and building culture. I'm lucky to work with a very diligent and strong team of Khmer and foreign staff who are eager to teach and nurture students. So I wouldn't say I have rediscovered the passion that drove this blog in its early days, but I have rediscovered a passion within me. One that required a little more challenge in my personal and professional life and I have found those here at Westview and in Cambodia.