Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Updated: Twitter Feed on Your Blogger

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away I wrote a post about how to place a Twitter Feed on your Blogger. OK, it wasn't that long ago -- it was 2013 and it wasn't in a galaxy far, far away, because it happened here on planet earth, but it seemed like a nice way to introduce my updated version of putting a Twitter feed on your Blogger. The original post has 43K+ views and 294 comments to date. It has been by far the most important blog post I have ever written traffic-wise. And then it happened, two weeks ago, someone made a rather snarky comment on the post.
I'm not sure why Patricia Heil thinks that I should continue updating a blog post from over three years ago, but she does and after I though about it, I decided she was correct. It is time for an update to the original post. So for all you users of Twitter and Blogger, here is the updated version of How to put a Twitter Feed on your Blogger. Enjoy!

Your journey is going to start by logging in to your Twitter account and going to Setting.

In Settings go to Widgets and Create New.

You will type in the URL of the account you want to follow with your feed.

I prefer the Embedded Timeline, but you can choose the other one.

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