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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Funny Stories from Elementary School

Recess time
One of the great highlights of my job at Cheongna Dalton School is the fact that my position is PreK-G12. At first, I was a little apprehensive about the elementary part of the job, because my teaching license is for secondary and most of my experience has been in secondary. However, I've learned a ton from observing my elementary colleagues and the experience of teaching elementary students has been wonderful. And the best part is that every once in a while, you get a great story to share about kids. We have a Ms. Garcia who teaches G2 here, this is important to the story.

The classrooms here have an open concept, so there are walls separating the rooms, but there are no doors, so it is possible to walk from one class to another; in fact, you must go through one room in order to reach the classrooms farther
Recess time
away. You could walk around the outside of the building and come through another door, but nobody does that. So it is very common for people to pass through a room and the students are so used to it that they hardly notice it. This morning I was walking through the G3 classroom on my way to G4 to say hello to another teacher. School was just starting and the G3 teacher was waiting for her students to join her for carpet time to go over the day's activities. Some of the G3s were there, but others were still getting ready and milling about. As I said hello to the teacher, one of the boys looked up and said, "Good morning, Ms. Garcia." The teacher and I both started laughing and then said of course asked, "Why did you call Mr. Bray Ms. Garcia?" And without hesitation the kid replied, "I forgot his name." So you called me Ms. Garcia? I guess any name will do in a pinch.