Tuesday, December 4, 2018

#12dayslearning Day 1 What is one action you took in 2018 that was inspired by new learning?

Thanks to @Edurolearning

I saw my friends at Eduro Learning were getting this 12 Days of Learning challenge going this December and I wanted to join in as well as spread the word to others.

The first question is what is on action you took in 2018 that was inspired by new learning? What impact did it have on student learning?

Great question! 2018 saw the development of several new actions for me professionally. I managed to get a classroom set of Google Cardboards (20 with a router for them) and started playing with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in the classroom. The trick here is that I don't have may own classroom, so I need to convince other teachers of the value of something. This was pretty easily done. I offered a week's worth of PD session in The Zone to give teachers a demo of what AR & VR could do. The response from teachers was quite good; everyone was really impressed with the power of the experience, but it really only translated into one teacher really adopting in her teaching. But for now, I will call that a small but important victory, because Karissa Van Liew really was willing to try something very new and different in her music lessons.

Karissa took her G5 students to New Orleans with our Google Cardboards. The students were studying a unit on Jazz music, so Karissa took them to New Orleans to tour the hometown of Jazz music. The students love it! They did all the things we all do the first time we see VR -- loads of ahhh's and ohhh's as they attempted to walk around in the new environment. They talked to each other about what they were seeing and how the buildings and city looked compared to Cheongna and in general -- just had a great time.

So what impact did it have on student learning? Early results are limited, but the students did enjoy the experience and kept asking me when they would do it again every time they saw me in the hallway. I say that is a positive response. I got one teacher to buy in to the idea, so based on her experiences my hope is to get the Social Studies and Science teachers to try out some lessons utilizing the Cardboards in the coming spring semester.

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