Monday, August 26, 2019

Second Week of the School Year 2019-20

Lately I've been doing mostly posts of my presentation materials, so I have decided to re-commit to doing more actually writing in my blogs again. As we head in to the second week of "real school." I felt it was a great time to start the process of adding written content back to my blog. For those of you who aren't educators, "real school" refers to the time when we have students at school. "Real school" is the exciting time, because the kids are on campus and learning and growing in classes. The other school days are important and necessary, but "real school" is where the action happens. Real school is messy, noisy, and chaotic. It involves mistakes, misunderstandings, epiphanies, relearning, setbacks, and growth. It is never easy; it is always a challenge; but, it can also be very fun. So welcome to another school year and the continued opportunity for seeing students grow and learn, but also the opportunity for your own personal and professional growth.

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