Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Making Facebook More Enjoyable in the Short Term

We all have that friend and/or family member who is posting too many memes from other sources that you are tired of seeing or simply find disgusting. How to solve the problem? I'm going to show you a trick that has been around a long time, but that most people still seem oblivious to — snoozing or hiding a non-friend. By snoozing or hiding a non-friend, you get to continue your relationship, but silence the disgusting content that you are sick of seeing on your feed. When your friend/family member re-posts that ugly meme or article, go to the three dots on the upper right-side of the post. A drop-down menu will appear with choices of how to deal with the trash. I am a huge fan of the snooze option. Once you choose it, now — no matter how many times in the next 30 days your friend or family member re-posts or shares "Nathan's" content — it will not appear in your feed. If you are really sick of seeing things from "Nathan", you can hide all and never see Nathan's garbage again, but still have the posts from your friend or family member. I have been using this trick for a long time and it has made my Facebook experience acceptable. Ideally, I would delete my Facebook account, but too many friends and family stay in touch with me through it, and I just can't see my mom learning how to use Twitter or Instagram at this point. Facebook has become a necessary evil for at least a little while.

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