Friday, May 31, 2024

Unintentionally Tricking the Youtube Algorithm

Google decided to kill off their podcasting and music platforms and merge them all with Youtube. To make this process easier for those of us with podcasts, they offered a way to transfer a podcast to Youtube using the RSS from the original podcasting host. This was great news to me, because I was actually trying to move at least some of my podcast episodes to Youtube. It was a pain, because I was basically having to remake each episode, so I created video versions of a few of the episodes I was more happy sharing, but it left many episodes not on Youtube due to simply not having enough time to deal with the process. I was very happy to see this simpler option. I created the podcast link on my Youtube channel and plugged in the RSS feed. It took a long time to transfer all those episodes from my hosting site on Podomatic over to Youtube, it is 164 episodes at the time. LOL. It actually took two days before all of the content was ready to be published on Youtube. I hit the button and went on about my day without really thinking about it. When I checked the next morning, I have receive a ton of traffic on my Youtube podcast. Like a whole lot, over 1500 views and 9.7 hours of watch time, which is more than my podcast had ever received before. I was quite surprised and definitely happy to see it. 

During my ELA class, one of my students was asking about the podcasting project we are currently working on. The student was asking me about the logo requirement and I showed him mine as an example. He went back to his computer and suddenly said, "Wow! Your logo is everywhere on Youtube!" I took a look at his screen and sure enough, my logo was all over his stream... And then it hit me, I had unintentionally tricked the algorithm with the massive upload and publishing of 164 episodes all at once. LOL. It just went everywhere. I'm enjoy the short term popularity. I know in a few days it will go back to being only a few views per episode.

My audience stats are interesting, because they are basically just Youtube in a nutshell. Men between 18-44 in the US, India, and the Philippines. 

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