Thursday, January 8, 2015

Achieve 3000 Data Reviewed

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We have been in the process of implementing Achieve 3000 this year at Saipan International School. At first some of the teachers were a little reluctant to adopt the program; but, as usual, there were a few teachers who jumped right in and started using it. The results they were seeing were so astounding that the use of the program spread quickly. Now, at the start of the second semester, we have complete implementation in grades 3-10. Basically reaching our target for the end of the year, by the end of the first semester -- you have to like those results!

But the implementation being ahead of schedule is a small item compared to the results the students are showing. Every grade level using the program has seen improvement of at least an average of 50 lexile points. The main feature that students like is the fact that the program is dynamic and meets them at their reading level. Every students has access to the same content, but at the correct reading level. Everyone becomes part of the discussion and interaction in class.

Furthermore, some of our students are ridiculously good at reading with scores beyond the college ready level of 1350. In G5, we have two students ready at the G10 level; not bad, right? In G8, we have one student at the high end of the G10 level, one students at the low end of the G10 level, and one student with a 1575. Yes, you read that correctly -- a 1575! 1575 is well into college level reading. This particular student is ready to tackle university level material as a G7 student. AMAZING! Four of our G9 students are at least one grade level above their age group and one is at 1590. Yes, a 1590! Eight students in G10 are at least one grade level above their age group and three of them are into college level reading scores. The scores are 1400, 1490, and 1535! With our use of Accelerated Reader in the elementary and middle school and now the addition of Achieve 3000, our students will be leaving high school more than ready to take on college level work.  These results are beyond outstanding and provide more evidence that SIS is the best school on Saipan and one of the best in the Pacific region. With the cost of our tuition factored into the picture -- we are the best school in the Pacific.

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