Thursday, May 16, 2019

A Calendar Catalog for School

Google Calendars are great for a variety of reasons, but one thing I have noticed is that sometimes at the beginning of the school year (and even during) some people don't end up getting access to all of the calendars they need in an easy way. After thinking about the whole situation for a long time (and very annoyingly re-sharing links and changing sharing options), I came across the a Google solution -- use Sheets to share them.

The presentation will walk people through the process of sharing their calendars this way. The journey starts in the settings for the calendar you want to share with multiple people. First decide what level of permission is required. Is it a calendar that needs to be shared publicly? Is it a calendar that only needs to be shared within your domain? That will determine which option to pick. Then copy the sharable link. If you are using Team Drives, you can place the Sheet in a Team Drive where everyone will have access. If you are not using Team Drives, you can go old school and share it with a group email. My Sheet has three basic columns -- Title of Calendar, Brief Description, Direct Link to Calendar. I broke my Sheet down with four tabs, one for each of the following groups: Whole School, First Program, Middle School, and High School. Teachers/Admin add links to their calendars that need to be shared and teachers go and add the calendars they need. If someone somehow or someway lose access, they simply go back to the Sheet and get the link.

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